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Brovary are happy to announce the publication of Gerry Cryer’s novel The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove.  Available in Paperback (£8.99) at bookshops and Amazon it is also available as an eBook (£2.99) or from

One day three years ago, Gerry Cryer, 62, then a successful international businessman woke, decided enough was enough and without preparation, plan or money stepped away totally from a commercial world to become a novelist.  From a luxury life in Dubai to novelist living in a single room in Surrey he has powerful and entertaining stories to tell.  The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove, his first novel is now published.  His next novel, Blah Blah, will be published in March.

“This is a gripping novel of intrigue, power and complex relationships, showing the havoc caused when the State and the powerful manipulate innocent young lives to achieve their own goals—even when it comes to acts against humanity.”

“This poignant story tackles important issues about destiny, complicity and personal identity and responsibility.”

“When fate deals you a hand better than you could possibly imagine, should you trust it unquestioningly? If you do, will fate then find a way to claim back the fortunes it has bestowed on you?”

Was the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl a deliberate act of sabotage sponsored by the UK? 
Just how complicit were the British in the nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl?

How would you react when you are told that your whole life has been manipulated and orchestrated by another and you have been instrumental in promoting and sponsoring Ukrainian nationalists to sabotage Chernobyl? Once Professor Aleksandra Ponomarenko had been George Cove’s tutor at Oxford but today, twenty years since they last met, she is telling him a life story – his own.

How to buyHe knew already that one of the greatest human tragedies of the twentieth century, the nuclear incident at Chernobyl in 1986, was deliberate sabotage, but Aleksandra reveals that not only was his role pivotal in the catastrophe, but everything else that mattered in his life – his education, his job, where he lived, how he lived, who he fell in love with, and who he lost – was orchestrated by the unseen hand of Bill Familiant.

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Gerry Cryer

ISBN: The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove

Paperback 978-0-9927213-1-2

Kindle       978-0-9927213-0-5

ePub         978-0-9927213-2-9

ISBN: Blah Blah

Paperback 978-0-9927213-4-3

Kindle       978-0-9927213-3-6

ePub         978-0-9927213-5-0

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Brovary Ltd

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Cobham; KT11 3NR
About Gerry Cryer

Gerry Cryer is a full-time writer who now lives in Surrey in England. He is also an actor, business mentor, innovator, coach, and one-time guitarist in the rock-covers band Mid-Life Crisis.

After a university career contemporary with a British Home Secretary and the Editor of a daily national newspaper (neither of whom he knew because they didn’t play rugby), he embarked on a long and successful series of jobs in business management and consultancy, which others have kindly called a career.

In his story-telling, he provides insights into top-level machinations, negotiations and behind-the-scenes issues that the general public know nothing about. Combined with his experience of different cultures, having lived and worked in over twenty-five countries on three continents – Europe, the USA and the Middle East – he has a vast knowledge resource.

He has high emotional intelligence also, and is a tenacious observer of the human condition, which gives him a special talent for looking at the detail and minutiae and setting them in the context of the bigger picture, dissecting human behaviour into its component parts within the complex situations that modern society demands.

Gerry has the useful knack of staying relaxed and calm especially in a crisis, not least because of the motto he lives by: ‘Expect the unexpected’. This has proved particularly useful as his natural inquisitiveness and sense of adventure have caused him to be at the centre of many a crisis.

The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove is Gerry’s first novel, and his second, Blah Blah, was published in July 2014. A third novel is currently in editing, also for publication in 2015.


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