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Published in January 2017 Maran Avdoniy is the latest novel from Gerry Cryer.

It should be a straightforward case to solve; in the early hours, a body is found in the passenger seat of a car park and he is quickly identified and all that troubled DCI Paul Catchpole was the lack of sleep. But then the connections are made for him.

It’s a gang killing and the boss Maran Avdoniy Ukrainian, a gun runner, a trader in women across Europe and, in particular, into the UAE, and is already being hunted by Robbie Noakes of MI6 who has built a career long reputation harassing him.

In a fast-paced thriller, Catchpole reluctantly chases his man from London to the Ukraine and Dubai all the time hating being at the behest of MI6 and what he believes is his proper role solving murders in London.

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