Doctor Alexandra, PhD is a psychologist consulting across Europe. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Kiev and finished her Doctorate in Kiev and then London.

Alexandra is also a photographic model and has worked in the Ukraine, Russia and across Europe normally for lingerie and swim wear.

She currently lives mainly in the Ukraine and over recent months has been outspokenly vocal in support of the new Ukraine.

She is single but is now in a close and committed relationship although they are often apart as they both travel extensively.

This is how she has described herself in the opening chapters:

My name is Alexandra. I am Ukrainian. I am sometimes called Alexa and sometimes Your Queen.

I have always known how to control men, to make them mine. I knew this very early in my life. It is not about sex. Men have sex anytime they need or want it so control of a man is in the mind. It is about exciting his imagination and desire. Feed the imagination and desire will come. You may call it ‘tease’ but that would be wrong.

Imagination is a powerful force. It takes us to places where we normally can’t go, but make that imagination real and we all follow.

This is my story and it is about him and if I want him now he is mine. It is not slavery for he can leave whenever he wants but he knows he can’t. I lead him through a story that slowly unfolds and he always wants more.

You may want to know more about me. Where was I born, who are my family and what of my life? You don’t need to. You will learn all you need to know about me from my stories but I will describe myself and only as matter of fact.

I am tall. I am thin with beautiful long legs. My hands and fingers are those of pianist: thin and slender. I wear little make up or jewellery. My hair is fair, like many Ukrainians. It is long and fine and often pulled away from my face. My face is striking. I would be beautiful on the cover of any magazine. I am a model and academic and I hate when I see my face on the magazine cover at the bookstall or on the billboard as I drive; it means that your imagination would be out of my control. You could do what you want with me. My eyes are deep and green. They are large and sensual. They see you and see through you, deep into your mind. They can see what you need and what you want. They see all your strengths and your weaknesses.

My clothes are from the best shops in Kiev and I always dress in puritan colours. My lingerie excites both men and women. It is black, brief and sheer. When I stand, naked except for my lingerie I know that my breasts are outlined. I know the tiny triangle of my panties is small but it is a transparent veil. I wear it only to excite. It has no practical purpose.

You know me now, for in your imagination you already have my picture. I am whatever you want me to be. That is power of imagination.

He is not Ukrainian. He is a powerful man he believes that he has power over all things. He believes that he can shape his world. He has visions, which encourage others to follow but he doesn’t see that he is like all those who follow. He is one in a chain, each following another. Who leads that chain? Who can break that chain?

Read over fifty of Alexandra’s personal and favourite fantasies alongside the autobiographical story of her life and loves.

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