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“She has shown me what I can be without feeling guilty.”
Paula, London

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Read over fifty of Alexandra’s personal, favourite fantasies and the story of her life and loves

Naughty, raunchy and exciting this is a collection of women’s deeply erotic, personal fantasies I have collected over the last few years from both my work as a psychologist based around Europe but also from the deep recesses of my mind.

Come, visit my personal web site and take part in my survey of modern women’s sensual fantasies. Click Here

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A professional psychologist consulting across Europe, Doctor Alexandra, PhD completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Kiev and finished her Doctorate in Kiev and then London. She is a social psychologist specialising on the impact on the social behaviours of erotic and sexual fantasies among women.

I have spent much of my adult life, thinking about how women think about sex. I am one of those lucky people who really enjoy their work.

But she lives a hidden and secret ‘other’ life. Alexandra is also a lingerie and swim wear photographic model working in the Ukraine, Russia and around Europe.

She currently lives in the Ukraine and over recent months has been outspokenly vocal in support of the new Ukraine. She is not married but is in a close and committed relationship; although she is often apart from her partner as they both travel extensively.

Can you tell me a little more about yourself?

There is plenty of time as you read my story to learn all about me. Maybe, however, it is better that I should let the introduction of my book talk for itself and let you know what drives me – and you?

There are more than fifty of my naughty, erotic, sexual fantasies which pretty much describe me. However, and whatever you may think, let me again stress that the only difference between us is, firstly, that my imagination is possibly just a little broader than yours; and, secondly, I am happy to share it with you all. But in my life, I am not a sexually promiscuous slut (sorry to any men who have strayed in here – I know that is not what you really wanted to hear).

Everything you read in these stories is true! That doesn’t mean I have done everything I write about, only that I have thought or dreamt about all of these stories; sometimes many times. Of course, when I say, “I haven’t done everything” it doesn’t mean that I haven’t lived out many of my fantasies in the real world! Okay, yes, I have done a striptease; I have had a man take his cock out in a restaurant for me to look at, touch and photograph, and many other naughty things; but the question of which-is-which? Well, you will have to decide that for yourself; you will get no more clues from me!

If you consider yourself a little bit prudish then there are many good reasons why you are exactly the type of woman who should read my book. It will help you understand that there are many sane and intelligent women who are enjoying erotic fantasies.

But this book is not for those with a closed mind. I want you, my readers, to read with the expectation that you will form an opinion all of your own when you have finished.

For all of us there are two reasons to read this book. The first and most important is to enjoy what you read. If it makes you excited, horny, wet, or sexy, then I will take that as a result. That will make me very happy and is a total justification for my efforts. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

However, it would be even better if this book changes your perception of yourself, or improves your relationship with a partner or the world at large. I am not offering any advice in this book other than to say that for me, with all my background and experience, having and enjoying personal fantasies is both important and satisfying.

If there is one aspect of my personality that differentiates me from others is that I am extremely confident in my self-image. I have a consistent view of how I look which may or may not be the real reflection of what is in the mirror.

It is not for me to say what is a good relationship. You can be submissive mouse, a strident Brunhilde or a woman who shares every emotion and experience with your partner, there is nothing more important than holding a clear image of yourself as a beautiful woman.

You are beautiful. Whatever your shape you are beautiful. Never forget; you are beautiful.


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The mystery of Alexandra. Why won’t you show us your picture?

I have modelled for fashion brands often in tight and skimpy lingerie. I have shown and exposed every curve and line of my body to the camera and huge billboards. I have also set out to fulfil many of my personal fantasies because that is my nature. It was always my choice. I have done many very naughty and often wicked things. Mainly in private and sometimes publicly I have been naked, exposed, or dominated a man. That is my alter ego. I regret nothing.

However, and more importantly I am a working psychologist and have focussed my career on understanding women’s erotic and sexual fantasies. That is what I do every day, I take my work very seriously and it is what I enjoy.

To be successful at my job I need to retain my privacy. I need to separate my lives. So, beyond what you read when you buy my book, I will tell you no more. I have a professional practice to run and I have client confidences to keep.  Will not put them or my professional work at any risk. That is why all the stories have been rewritten as if they were mine. It is a literary device and why I am the centre of all you read. I need to keep and preserve the trust and confidences I have made.

So, I will remain a mystery and I will never show my face or speak publicly.

Did you write it all yourself?

Yes and No.

The text is all mine but I wrote it first in Ukrainian, my mother tongue, and then had it translated into English. Then it was finalised by my editor, who is British. Through all this I was given a lot of help from my publisher but I take the blame for all failings in the translation. I hope my English is up to scratch.

And this is my first book and before now I had never understood all the work required to move from my thoughts to a finished product. It is an immense task and for that thank you everyone at my publishers, for all your support and help.

Will I enjoy reading all of Alexa’s Fantasies?

Yes, very much, yes.

I am interested in what other women think about when they think about sex. Do they become excited at the thought of naked builders. What naughty thoughts do they have in the hidden recess of their minds? I am interested in what they think about alone at home when those urges come.

So, I could not resist buying and reading a book about what others think.

You will see what some other women are thinking and so maybe you are not as naughty – and certainly not depraved if you have that fear – as you might have thought.

The truth is that you are just the same as every other woman. Buying and reading this book is totally normal and exciting.

What do other women think about Alexandra?

You are not the first woman to buy this book. thousands have already read Alexandra.

Here are some comments from some women who have already read this book:

You might love her or loathe her but you can’t help but admire and respect her. I just had to keep reading to know what she was going to do next.

My partner regrets me reading it. I am far more in control of that side of our relationship.

Naughty but very nice😊

She is not limited by society and conformity. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to go get it.  This is a book for women, written by a woman. Love it!!

Many a moment when I had to cross my legs.

I would have been very careful if a professional psychologist asked me about my naughtiest fantasies but when she lets you read hers I got the most explicit of all insights into my sexuality.


I made my husband read Alexandra. I wanted him to understand that I had fantasies just as much as him.

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Will I be offended and upset by Alexa’s Fantasies?

I really hope not. There are over 50 short personal fantasies and by their nature they are, shall we say, naughty but there are not pages and pages of explicit sex.

This is not a book for men who seem to demand that.

This is a book for women. Of course, there are a few paragraph or words that may upset but this is really a book about your feelings. If you have interest in the subject it is unlikely you will be upset.

Is the cover of Alexandra explicit – will I be caught out on the train?

The cover is as you see it here. It is not explicit. You can read it safely in public!!

Can I tell you my fantasies? Will you publish them?

Of course, you can tell me your fantasy. I want to read them all and you can send them to me here on the next web page.

Only if you give your permission will I publish them in my next book but even then, however much your exhibitionist drive want me to identify you they will always be made anonymous.

But as a piece of advice please remember I am less interested in the detail and specifics of your bedroom gymnastics but the feelings you have and the subtly of your emotions.

Can I write to you? 

Yes, you can write to my publisher’s email address or directly to me at

How do I buy the stories?

They are available in both eBook and soft cover from Amazon and from for iBook formats. There are links to them on this site

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